koi colors with orange white grey pink fish with black dots on the skin with green seaweed with brown stones green plants and grey silhouettes of coral

This "Koi Colors With Orange White Grey Pink Fish With Black Dots On The Skin With Green Seaweed With Brown Stones Green Plants And Grey Silhouettes Of Coral" Image is dominated by 8 beautiful colors such as Black Drop, Identity, Jelly Bean, Rurikon Blue, San Gabriel Blue, Legion Blue, Rhubarb Smoothie, Antique Garnet. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#90a8d8rgb (144, 168, 216)Black Drop
#7890a8rgb (120, 144, 168)Identity
#487890rgb (72, 120, 144)Jelly Bean
#183048rgb (24, 48, 72)Rurikon Blue
#306078rgb (48, 96, 120)San Gabriel Blue
#184860rgb (24, 72, 96)Legion Blue
#904848rgb (144, 72, 72)Rhubarb Smoothie
#906060rgb (144, 96, 96)Antique Garnet