how to draw mermaid tails with black blue purple colors with fish tail

This "How To Draw Mermaid Tails With Black Blue Purple Colors With Fish Tail" Image is dominated by 13 beautiful colors such as Atlantic Depths, US Air Force Blue, Lapis Jewel, Illicit Darkness, Taiwan Blue Magpie, Serene Sea, Black, Deck Crew, Christmas Blue, Identity, Eye Blue, Peptalk, Sambucus. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#001860rgb (0, 24, 96)Atlantic Depths
#003090rgb (0, 48, 144)US Air Force Blue
#186090rgb (24, 96, 144)Lapis Jewel
#000030rgb (0, 0, 48)Illicit Darkness
#3078a8rgb (48, 120, 168)Taiwan Blue Magpie
#78a8c0rgb (120, 168, 192)Serene Sea
#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black
#6078a8rgb (96, 120, 168)Deck Crew
#3090c0rgb (48, 144, 192)Christmas Blue
#7890a8rgb (120, 144, 168)Identity
#1878c0rgb (24, 120, 192)Eye Blue
#0060a8rgb (0, 96, 168)Peptalk
#181830rgb (24, 24, 48)Sambucus