hex color purple applied on a funny squid wears the purple bows

This "Hex Color Purple Applied On A Funny Squid Wears The Purple Bows" Image is dominated by 7 beautiful colors such as Jelly Bean, Acai, San Gabriel Blue, Plum Power, Picasso Lily, Muted Berry, Black. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#487890rgb (72, 120, 144)Jelly Bean
#483060rgb (72, 48, 96)Acai
#306078rgb (48, 96, 120)San Gabriel Blue
#786090rgb (120, 96, 144)Plum Power
#604878rgb (96, 72, 120)Picasso Lily
#907890rgb (144, 120, 144)Muted Berry
#000000rgb (0, 0, 0)Black