color rosa applied on the cartoon image on one of the cartoon movie

This "Color Rosa Applied On The Cartoon Image On One Of The Cartoon Movie" Image is dominated by 9 beautiful colors such as Cipher, Revered, Old Lavender, Spelunking, Rhubarb Gin, Lovecloud, Sweet Sachet, Lovely Euphoric Delight, Lavender Savor. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#a87890rgb (168, 120, 144)Cipher
#a890a8rgb (168, 144, 168)Revered
#786078rgb (120, 96, 120)Old Lavender
#304860rgb (48, 72, 96)Spelunking
#d8a8c0rgb (216, 168, 192)Rhubarb Gin
#f0c0f0rgb (240, 192, 240)Lovecloud
#ffd8f0rgb (255, 216, 240)Sweet Sachet
#fff0ffrgb (255, 240, 255)Lovely Euphoric Delight
#f0d8ffrgb (240, 216, 255)Lavender Savor