basic watercolor painting vertical design of yard with some tiny houses surrounded with the think trees

This "Basic Watercolor Painting Vertical Design Of Yard With Some Tiny Houses Surrounded With The Think Trees" Image is dominated by 8 beautiful colors such as Loden Frost, Veranda, Medium Jungle Green, Sora Sky, Namakabe Brown, Swanndri, Aqua Sky, Worn Wooden. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#789078rgb (120, 144, 120)Loden Frost
#60a8a8rgb (96, 168, 168)Veranda
#183030rgb (24, 48, 48)Medium Jungle Green
#4890a8rgb (72, 144, 168)Sora Sky
#786048rgb (120, 96, 72)Namakabe Brown
#607860rgb (96, 120, 96)Swanndri
#78c0c0rgb (120, 192, 192)Aqua Sky
#604830rgb (96, 72, 48)Worn Wooden