anime sunset with view of cloud silhuette with the electric pole and cables

This "Anime Sunset With View Of Cloud Silhuette With The Electric Pole And Cables" Image is dominated by 8 beautiful colors such as Colossus, Design Delight, Elite Pink, Iris Eyes, Swing Sage, Chinaberry, Frontier, Medium Jungle Green. This image looks so awesome with this color combination.

#606090rgb (96, 96, 144)Colossus
#a878a8rgb (168, 120, 168)Design Delight
#c090a8rgb (192, 144, 168)Elite Pink
#787890rgb (120, 120, 144)Iris Eyes
#c0c0a8rgb (192, 192, 168)Swing Sage
#484860rgb (72, 72, 96)Chinaberry
#304848rgb (48, 72, 72)Frontier
#183030rgb (24, 48, 48)Medium Jungle Green