Nowadays, coloring activity seems more popular. This activity is not only for kids but also for adults. When you visit the book store, you will be able to find coloring books easily. For adults, there are several techniques to color. One of the coloring techniques which you can use is Color By Number Online.

In fact, Color By Number is also available in the form of a printable book. Besides, you also can search for a printable color by number on the internet. There are many images available on various level of difficulties. But, if you do not want to prepare the coloring tools such as crayon, water paint, coloring pencil, etc, you should choose Color By Number Online.

What is Color By Number?

If you are a newbie, you may be curious about what Color By Number Online is. This technique makes people easier to pick a suitable color for drawing. The plain picture will be divided into several parts. Each part will be marked with the number. Then, you can give the same color to the same number. Make sure that you have decided the color before.

For instance, you pick the green color for number 1. Then, the red color for number 2. Also, the Blue color for number 3. The level of difficulties in coloring depends on the number of numbers are used. But, the more numbers you use makes your picture more attractive. It is because your picture is more colorful and awesome with the gradient color and color image.

What are the Types of Color By Number?

There are two types of Color by Number activity. You can prefer which activity to suit your need. Here are two kinds of Color By Number.

  • Printable Color By Number.

This activity requires Color by Number printable worksheet and coloring tools. You can download Color by number template from the internet. Then, you can print it out and start coloring. You can use various types of coloring tools. For instance, you can use crayon, markers, or colored pencils.

  • Color by Number Online.

If you do not like to make some mess with paper and pencils, you can try the online Color by number. There are many applications you can download to try this activity. Besides, you also can color the image online by accessing the website. Just browse the website which provides Color by Number. This online activity does not require any drawing tools. Just prepare a stable internet connection to color the image online.

What Application Used for Coloring Online?

As stated before, you should decide the color image for the picture you want to color. For instance, if you want to color a person, you should decide the skin color hex. This way, you will be able to choose a suitable skintone. For instance, you can use brown skin color, dark skin color, or fair skin color. You can browse Skin tone color pallet which is available online.

Besides, if you want to color the nature image, you can pick the pastel color. For instance, the pastel colors are suitable to use for painting sky, lake, or sea. Besides, you can pick the green color for painting the forest, tree, leaves, etc. There are several tools you can use to make your drawing activity easier. As an example, you can use the Color scanner and Color inverter. The explanation of these tools is as the following.

  • Color Scanner.

When you see an object, you may not be able to identify its color. So, you can use the Color Scanner or Color Identifier. You can download Color Scanner App for your mobile phone. Caller scanner makes you easier to complete the color by number online. How does Color Scanner work? If you have Color Scanner App, you can pick and capture the color by pointing the camera. Then, this application will identify and extract the color from the image you take.

  • Color Inverter.

Another application which can improve your skill in coloring is called Color Inverter. This application helps you to change the image color. For instance, you can change the red color into white color, the blue color into yellow color, etc.

With the tools above, your coloring activity will be more fun and easier. As a result, you can create an impressive picture.

What are the Benefits of Coloring Activity?

One question may come across your mind. Why is Color By Number very popular lately? Perhaps, the explanation below can answer your curiosity. Coloring activity can give you many benefits. What are they? You can review the benefits of coloring activity below.

  • Improving motoric skill.

Coloring activity can improve motoric skill. When we see the various colors, our eyes will be trained to identify the color. Besides, it also improves the motoric skill for our hands to use the painting tools. That is why the coloring activity is recommended for kids.

  • Stimulating creativity.

When you start to draw Color by Number online, you can stimulate your creativity. How does it come? You need to pick a suitable color based on the number. Besides, you also need to decide the color combination which can make your picture nice. So, you can be more creative.

  • Increasing color awareness and recognition.

Perhaps some of you are difficult to identify a color. By using Color by Number online, you will be able to recognize the color. This way, you can differentiate the color tone easily. This activity can be the media for kids to learn about color. They can learn which one is green, red, yellow, blue, black, etc. Also, they can learn how to use the color combination to produce a nice picture.

  • Expressing yourself.

Coloring activity becomes the media for self-expression. You can express your feeling through the color you use. Not all people can express their feeling through words. Some of them can express themselves through art. That is why Coloring activity can be the proper way to express yourself.

  • Reducing stress.

When you feel stressed with your working life, maybe you need to try the coloring activity. When you see the colorful objects, you will be able to reduce your stress level. This way, you can refresh your mind by coloring the picture.

  • Improving focus.

Once you use Color by number template, you need to focus on identify the number printed on your printable color by number worksheet. As an example, you have to be able to differentiate the color used. You do not need to be an expert color artist. You just need to pick the color you like based on the number printed.

How to Use Color by Number Online on Color Picker Tool?

In case you want to explore more about skin color hex, color scanner, teal color, pastel colors, and color inverter, you can use the following tool. Here, you will find out the name of the color composition in an image. Here are some steps to take:

  • Step 1: Save the Image or Painting You Want to Know the Color Compisition

First thing first, you can save the image or painting. If you see, the there is a bunch of colors inside a picture. And, you can list the name of the colors without making a note. You just have to pick a certain image that you want to know the colors.

  • Step 2: Uploud the Image to the Tool

After getting the image you want, you can continue to uploud the image to the following tool. How? Simply, you can click on the “Choose File” button. And, you can continue to pick the image inside a certain folder.

  • Step 3: Click on the Submit Button

For the next, you can click on the “Submit” button. For information, you need to provide strong internet access to show the results.

  • Step 4: Check the Results of the Colors

Now, as you see, you can check the list of the results. In this case, you will see some results of skin color hex, color scanner, teal color, pastel colors, and color inverter. Yes, there will be the sample of the color, the name of the color, and the HEX details that will help you to recognize the colors.

So, it is all you need to know about how color by number online or printable one works. Hope the tool is useful for you and enjoy enhancing your painting skill mwohndesign and gardinen !