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Anarchistwood - "They've got this ragged art-punk thing going down, they're messy, they walk a musical tightrope and you're never sure if they'll make to the end, they've got a bit of Crass, some Patti Smith a touch of Butthole Surfers and some kind of hint of situationist chaos and a gloriously good punk rock mess" -

1000 Scars - Metal/punk from Leicester

Wrapped In Plastic - Think early nineties Florida Alt Rock mixed with Trent's best wet dreams then left in a small cot with all the jocks and preps from Columbine; who were sent to Mortville on a school trip and abandoned there.

Unstoppable Achievers - The very crux of magickal endeavour- making something out of nothing.....

Its all so terribly English. And mysterious. A shambolic, psychedelick sci-fi racket that probably shouldnt be allowed.

Or something.

Very loud guitars, shouting, sighing and frequencies of deep space are all very much in evidence also.

There have been sporadic live experiences, and there shall be more to come...

3 Stone Monkey - The band consists of 2 ex road rage members, Cretey (also Oneway system). & Royston who toured USA and Europe with many top bands and becoming a headlining band themselves, The band were signed to two labels in the late nineties One european label called bomb factory records and New York's radical records.which they released there first album called nothing to declare then you cant purify bad blood then four ep's called boy cott radical records, painless suicide, four go to frognall, EMI sex pistols tribute recorded in new york city, exploited tribute,25 years of punk compilation, greetings from the welfare state compilation on fat wreck records, the british punk invasion vol 4 , keep it angry vol 1 also ep with mass products a european label. Then after a break of a couple of years decided to form another band and 3 Stone Monkey was born. Introducing ghandi on guitar, JB on the drums, royston on blazing bass, cretey on the vocals later to be joined by Psycho on second vocals, currently promoting their debut album "Sex, Violence and Profanity".



Sunday 31st August CODY SOKOLSKI £3

Cody Sokolski's rock 'n' roll odyssey began in New York City, with digressions to (among other places): Vermont, London, Boston, out West, and back to New York City again. There were lots of famous names, great music, lost chances and desperate evenings. Maybe one of those, or all of those things brought us to The Great Midwestern Adventure. Cody Sokolski moved to the Midwest to plant some roots in the city of Champaign, Illinois.

Within months of moving and giving up on the notion of playing in a band, Cody found himself playing 3 full hours a night in a local road house band. This went on for brief fifteen years during his so-called hiatus. It toughened up his playing and his outlook. He saw firsthand, night after night, good decent working folks who lived with the false promises of hope & reward. The forgotten America. The ones people have the audacity to write off .

The time away was not wasted.

Cody is a man with a New Yorker's sophistication and a Midwesterner's distaste of artifice, Combining New York's aggressive environment with Champaign's earthy no-nonsense attitude you have songs about good folks and raw deals.

Compared to Tom Waits & Tom Petty, with inspiration drawn from Ray Davies, Paul Westerberg, Joni Mitchell, and Ian Hunter, Cody crafted "Songs From The New Depression". With the Gateway Drugs, Keith, Katie & Jeff, three of the raunchiest and realest people you could ever hope to meet in a dark alley, Cody returns with "Songs For the New Depression": desperate evenings, broken promises, great music.







Monday 1st September SVERDLOV £5

Sverdlov strike the perfect balance between contemporary narrative and unashamedly brutal rock sounds in the finest British tradition. A power trio in the original sense, this London based outfit thrive upon the city's illustrious rock heritage while taking a fresh approach to the classic three-piece format. "



Tuesday 2nd September ERIK VOEKS + SPUNKFLAKES £6

Erik Voeks is a singer-songwriter living and working in Kansas City. Grew up in Australia. Moved to the U.S. in the late 1980's. Released a couple of 7 inch singles on the legendary Bus Stop label and an full length album named "Sandbox" on Rockville Records in 1993. Played regularly throughout the 90's & 00's both as a band leader and sideman for other acts. Released the Free Range EP in 2012 and Finulu in 2013.

The Spunkflakes cabaret troupe.stitch together snippets of popular culture to craft their own mayhem-filled tales, with an emphasis on menace and mess.

The Spunkflakes were birthed on a mattress whilst getting stoned and watching the first Gulf War unfold on our TVs back in 1989. The name was only intended as a working title, but like the flakes themselves, it stuck. Their original show was performed at venues like the The Royal Vauxhall, Heaven and Smashing, and was a reaction to the depressingly unoriginal parade of sequins and tears always on stage back then. Moving from clubland to the live art scene and venues such as the ICA, Almeida and Schmalzwald, they barely conceal the relentless picking of much-loved scabs, savouring again and again the bitter aftertaste.



Wednesday 3rd September FALLEN LEAVES + SUPERMINX 70 + THE MESSIAHS + BEN COCKETT + late set PHANTOM SOUNDS £6 London Callin presents Minimum R & B

7.00 Ben Cockett

8.00 The Messiahs

9pm SuperMinx 70 - Paul R Osborn was in The Peppermint Airgun with Carl Eugene Picot (Dave Kusworth/Nikki Sudden) in the early eighties playing psychedelic pop and gigging with PWEI and The Wonderstuff. In the late eighties his band The Overself, part of the Rugby Town scene with the Spacemen3 and The Guarenteed Ugly, released the drone e.p."Watchmen/Wings" and "Upsidedowntownthing", also appearing on the "Ahimsa" compilation LP, then he gave music up for 15 years...Rob Symmonds (Subway Sect/Fallen Leaves) advised him to start another band. In 2012 he started The SuperMinx'70...
Barry Groovyman Frost is a legend! Ex-Flat 19, ex-Cannibals, and most recently ex-Legendary Groovymen. Bloody glad to have Barry on board.

Pete Scott is an established solo performer.

Johnny 'Bam Bam' Birdiani is a 'businessman' from Bromley with interests across South London. He recently took up drumming.

Joe Squatt is a very talented young musician."

The SuperMinx '70 .foot-stamping punky-mod-glam with catchy choruses and sloppy solo's. The sound of English cars with fins, bench seats littered with Jackie magazine and Spangles wrappers...happy days!''

10.00The Fallen Leaves - punk rock for gentlemen

"This valve amp, treble-to-the-max rave-up would have had the mid-'60s Who or Pretty Things bricking it backstage at the Embassy Club" Mark Paytress (Mojo)

"This sharp, angular, melodic garage-pop will doubtless appeal to the same authenticity-starved youngsters who have made Billy Childish their king" Stewart Lee (Sunday Times)

"a confrontational cacophony of clashing rock'n'roll destroyed and reassembled with strange and awkward angles. The same, but different." Plan B

11.00 Phantom Sounds






Saturday 6th September SURGE OF FURY + INJURY TIME + 50 CALIBER + KILL FOR PEACE + TIRADE £6 Rucktion Records presents



Sunday 7th September open mic hosted by VINCE McCANN



Monday 8th September artists tbc £3 Producers Showcase



Tuesday 9th tba



Wednesday 10th September JONNY KAPLAN& THE LAZY STARS + guests £6

Jonny Kaplan. Equal parts shaman and renegade. Born in Philadelphia. Based in Los Angeles. Marina Del Rey , on his sailboat, Wanderer-to be exact. This is how it works with Jonny and his stellar band The Lazy Stars.old school baby, Bob Dylan, Neil Young And Crazy Horse, The Band, Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers. You get where he's coming from, right?

He's been doing this his whole life. He's been luckier than a bunch-maybe not nearly as lucky as a few others. He's gotten to work with a lot of artists he dearly loves and respects. Keith Richards, Nora Jones, Dee Dee Ramone, Dwight Yoakum, Kings Of Leon, Wilco & Ben Harper.just to name a few. He feels blessed.

He's been all over the world the past few years supporting his first three records: "California Heart", "Ride Free" and "Seasons".

Now he's just finished recording his newest rockin' affair "Sparkle & Shine".at Johnny Depp's studio. This record makes him proud. Very, very proud. It's coming out in the next few months. Summer 2012 finds him on the road opening for his amigos, The Wallflowers. Soon Jonny and his Lazy Stars will be out there playing even more shows for all of you. Where? Anywhere and everywhere that will have him.

Trust us. You'll get where he's coming from...



Thursday 11th September JOHN BUTLER (of DIESEL PARK WEST) + PAT CRILLY £6 advance

...1989 the year the Berlin Wall came down the beginning of dance culture entering mainstream pop culture and the year of the last great NME invention taking hold in the imagination of youth with a rather baggy Stone Roses led cult. What may not be so easily recalled was the release in January of that year of a hugely influential album by Diesel Park West .Shakespeare Alabama. This album swam against prevailing tides of the day with songs of such quality it seemed to many a major new force for good had arrived. John Butlers song writing demonstrated quite clearly with this debut that here was someone able to craft songs of such quality comparisons to Ray Davies , Marriot-Lane, Townsend even Young and Zimmerman were clearly applicable.

Alas critical acclaim does not in itself translate into major success and despite selling well Shakespeare Alabama was denied its due place in the upper reaches of rock n roll....The band however continues to this day and are now eight albums into a "career" that may actually turn out to be all the more creatively substantial for having not sold million upon million of records. With the shackles of commercial upkeep off Butler has written his way into the bigger picture more than ever via tunes like Faithless Life, Bloody As Fur, A House Divided, Leave Me With The Sinners and the sublime latter day radio favourite There's A Grace spread out over the last twenty something years. .. With songs and the voice to sing them Johns solo acoustic gigs demonstrate all the inherent musical qualities at their heart delivered with an engaging wit and insight only someone with intimate knowledge of the real music business could possibly know. Performances wrapped up in a humorous and insightful delivery not afraid to enter the dark zone whilst offering a consummate skill in doing so a John Butler night is well worth checking out!

Pat Crilly plays acoustic based original, blues, covers, Irish and folk, on guitar, mandolin and bouzouki. Performs as solo, duo or with his band "One man Down".

Regular performer in the 12 Bar Club in London and has played in Scotland, Netherlands, Brittany, NE England, Norway, Herts and London at festivals and roots venues.

Seasick Steve said "this guy's good" after seeing Pat at the 12 Bar Club.

He is a songwriter in many styles folk, blues, jazz and even country.

In the 90's Pat led a successful Irish band playing in Irish bars on Norway's West coast.

He has recorded original material on two cd's "Deep Water" which is bluesy/folky acoustic and "Irish Reels and Russian Roulette" with his "One Man Down" a collection of mostly up tempo Mississippi Sheik style songs and a few self penned original songs. In addition he has a more blues biased band called "Dust in the Pocket" with Drew Bonnington on lead/resonator and Andy Church on percussion.



Friday 12th September tba



Saturday 13th September tba £6 Bonnie & Clyde's Renegade Rendezvous presents



Sunday 14th September UNITE LE1111 presents... A Fightback Fundraiser! feat SMILEY + SLOW FACTION + DIRTY LOVE + BIG JOANIE + SHOCKS OF MIGHTY + TIM WELLS + ACTUAL CRIMES + NICK HYDRA + MISS CHAZMATAZZ & SWINGIN' KITTEN + more £3 minimum donation

Anyone remember the golden age of the protest gig??? When creative types of one sort or other got together to put on gigs because they gave a damn about something more than their poxy 15 minutes of fame? If ever we needed that spirit back - it's now!

In the past couple of years, frontline staff in the care & support sector of some of the UK's highest profile housing providers have, like too many, come under sustained attack from employers desperate to curry favour with a Tory-led government. A crippling pay freeze has been followed up by outright pay cuts and redundancies; vital services are being cut to the bone while CEOs reward themselves with record-breaking pay rises!

Meanwhile anyone who stands up and speaks out faces bullying, harassment and victimisation for taking a stand.

UNITE's LE1111 branch has been at the forefront of the battle to turn the tide; to end the race to the bottom; to tackle injustice and defend the jobs and livelihoods of our members as well as fighting to defend the services that so many of our society's most vulnerable members rely on.

The Fightback Fundraiser is about two things:

Firstly it's about raising funds so that we can continue to minimise the financial impact on members and their families when they are left no other option but to take strike action!

Secondly, and just as importantly, it's about bringing back that spirit of the golden age of the protest gig!

And what a line up we've got...

Smiley (of Smiley And The Underclass) - "Echoing the rebellious call to arms of The Clash and Dylan, Smiley sings the revolution blues with a burning fire"

Slow Faction - "First generation-influenced punk band with a real London 77 sound"

Dirty Love Band - Dirty Rock n Roll - "Deliciously sleazy Rock N Roll"

Big Joanie - "We're like The Ronettes filtered through 80s DIY and riot grrrl with a sprinkling of dashikis"

Shocks Of-Mighty! - "Blistering, hard-edged Punk Rock like they don't make much anymore. But should."

Tim Wells - "Joan Collins fan and dapper poet of wit and brilliance" (we don't have many poets performing at 12 Bar Club, and those who do are pretty much all rubbish egotistical posers, but Tim Wells is a shining exception, and you should see him any chance that you get)

Actual Crimes - "Rabble-rousing working class feminist racket"

Nick Hydra - "Easily the grumpiest DJ in the world"

Miss.Chazmatazz & Swingin' Kitten - "Queens of the turntable guaranteed to smash the dancefloor with a tip top selection"

+ More TBC...






Wednesday 17th September AUG + FLORENCE BLACK + ALL THE ABOVE £5 Mfirst Step Management presents

Straight out of Jersey comes AUG with their new, full-length CD, titled Be Careful What You Wish For, now available.

This early Sabbath style band has brought to the table something rock fans will surely appreciate. If you haven't heard of the hardstyle band, let us assure you, they are not new to the scene; as matter of fact, they already have several accolades to their name. Such accomplishments include landing the spot as the host band for VH1's That Metal Show Christmas party for 3 years, reaching #2 on Reverbnation's Hot 500 Rock charts, and receiving praise from as VH1 Classic's TMS Host, Eddie Tuck for their first single "20 Years In Hell."

And with the release of this album, they show no sign of slowing down. Definitely check out Be Careful What You Wish For-- you'll be glad you did!

Florence Black are a rock trio from Wales, formed in late 2012, writing originals from day one and playing everywhere they can to spread their music.



Friday 19th September THE DOWLING POOLE £9 tickets from



Sunday 21st September open mic hosted by VINCE McCANN



Friday 26th September CHARLIE + SHOTGUN STACEY + RED QUEEN + more acts tba £6 Enterprise Studios presents



Saturday 27th September PLAYMAKER + THE SWAGGER + THE THEME + THE LOOP + more £6 London Callin presents







Wedneday 1st October THE FALLEN LEAVES + MORE TBC



Friday 3rd October PRIVATE EVENT London Callin'



Sunday 5th October open mic hosted by VINCE McCANN






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